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Venus rising
Venus rising in the east

The image above is Venus rising at the eastern horizon. People born at this time have great beauty and harmonious relationships.

Feel free to ask whatever questions you may have about your life, your relationships or your future.

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13 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom Forum”

    1. Hi Galen, not sure if this will go through…I have been trying to locate you for some time..good to see the website back.
      I have one question. I am traveling to India in October to meet a potential partner (romantic). what is the potential in this connection/relationship?
      Thank you

      1. Hi Francois, I’m glad you found my new website. Just to make sure I have the right Francois chart, is your birth day Oct. 26, 1961? If you know the birth date of your potential partner, let me know that too.

        All the best,


    2. Dear Galen:

      I’ve gone on 3 dates with this guy I met at a social event. I think I’m physically attracted to him but other than that I’m still quite insecure and don’t know if I could be vulnerable with him and invest in the relationship for long term, which is something I want to do. Could you tell me if it will go well between him and me?

      I asked my question at 12:59pm EST 3/5/2018, in New York City.

      Thank you very much!

      1. Hi ieeheh,

        In the horary chart for the time and place of your question shows the Moon (you) applying to a sextile with Saturn (him). It suggests he is an older man but the sextile gives a favorable answer to your question. It looks like it should go well, so you should give it a chance.

        Kind regards,


  1. Hi Francois,

    The horary chart shows there is likely to be a childlike reaction somehow that may seem to be karmic, even if she seems relatively unevolved compared to yourself. It also shows a sexual relationship would be favored. This interpretation is also supported by the fact that both of you have the Sun and Mars in Scorpio. This position of Mars can create a strong sexual desire, as well as an interest in medical fields and research.

    The composite chart shows a Venus-Mars conjunction, which creates a passionately intense relationship, not one likely to be platonic. It also shows a Sun-Mercury conjunction that means both of you will tend to think alike and to experience new ideas and experiences with enthusiasm. However, the Moon-Saturn square may give the impression of an emotional distance. This can be overcome by the Moon-Jupiter trine that can develop after you know each other better.

    Kind regards,


  2. Dear ieeheh,

    This year transiting Uranus will influence your life significantly as it makes a trine to your natal Saturn-Uranus conjunction and your Ascendant. Uranus is rather unpredictable, sudden, and unexpected, but these trines tend to make the transit very favorable for finding new ways to do things, increasing your income, and bringing new and exciting experiences and ideas into your life. You should have a good year if you are observant to the opportunities coming your way. It is also possible your income could decrease if you misuse or ignore your opportunities, so think before acting.

    Kind regards,


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